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The Mystery of the Mousse - Chapter 4 - 'To the Victor, the Spoils......'

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Chapter 4 - To the Victor go the spoils.....

There it was. Incontrovertible and indisputable. The 7 of clubs.

A quiet resignation swept over Mr G, and he slumped back into his chair. Defeated, he let out a sigh before placing his hands over his face.

The Victim leapt out of his chair and punched the air in triumph.

"I've done it!" he proclaimed jubilantly. "I've really done it!"

Mr G didn't reply. He simply stared at the floor. Mr C, still passed out on the floor, twitched suddenly, as if in acknowledgement of the result, but then resumed his drunken slumber.

"Where is it?" asked the Victim sternly. Mr G, without looking up, simply pointed across to the mantelpiece.

"There it is. Take it and leave this place!" Mr G barked at him.

"I will be doing exactly that G. The mousse is mine and I will use it for great things"

The Victim walked over to the great stone fireplace, where the Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse was resting. He looked admiringly at it, almost in awe of it. Looking back across the room he saw Mr G staring blankly out of the window at the stormy night sky.

"Come now, G. No hard feelings" said the Victim compassionately. "All's fair in mousses and war! You needn't worry about it. It'll be safe with me"

"I know" replied G, "but it's going to be hard to part with it, that's all".

All the tension of the evening had rested heavily on the Victim. He suddenly felt the need for a smoke to ease his stress.

"Mr G!" proclaimed the Victim suddenly. "Why don't you join me out on the veranda for a cigarette. I don't know about you, but I could do with some air".

"No, you go on Victim. I think I'll wait here a while".

The Victim strolled out of the games room and back onto the veranda in the courtyard, where the challenge had originally been made. He took out a cigarette and lit it. As he drew the thick smoke into his lungs, he felt a sense of ease and his thoughts turned to the future.

He would use the mousse for great things. With it, he felt that he could achieve anything. Its power and influence would be sure to bring him much wealth and glory. A sense of euphoria enveloped him as he pictured this bright future.

Upon finishing the cigarette, he flicked it nonchalantly out into the middle of the courtyard and watched its orange glow perish as the rain fell on it.

Turning around, he walked back into the games room, where a strange site met him.

Mr C, who just moments ago seemed utterly incapacitated, was sitting bolt upright in one of the mahogany chairs.

"You recovered quickly" stated the victim, taken aback by this sudden change in circumstances.

Mr C just sniggered at him and looked to Mr G who had a mischievous grin on his face.

"What are you two up to?" asked the Victim, now rather perturbed by the expressions on the faces of his vanquished foes.

"Nothing. Nothing at all", chirped Mr G, sarcastically.

"Hmm, well I'll be going now I think" replied the Victim, cautiously. "Again, no hard feelings, eh?"

"Oh, none at all" responded Mr C. "None at all!"

The victim turned to the fireplace to go and collect his prize. As he approached it, he noticed the wondrous Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse looked slightly different to before. Its lid was slightly torn. As he picked it up, he noticed that it felt unnaturally light in weight. He tentatively, peeled a fraction of the lid back to take a peek at the wondrous content that laid within.

What he saw at that moment would have driven any man to the edge of despair. What he saw would reverberate around his mind for the rest of his natural life. He saw....

Absolutely nothing.

The Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse had been defiled. Its contents stripped bare and violated. The pot that once housed the sweet, light, chocolaty goodness was now barren and lifeless.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!!". The victim cried out painfully.

"Who did this? Where is it? What fucking happened?"

His gaze turned back towards Mr G and Mr C, who were both laughing like jackals.

"Which one of you...." shouted the Victim, struggling to form his words, "....did this??"

Mr G and Mr C both pointed at each other, and said, simultaneously.....


It was clear that in a fit of mad jealously and rage, one of the two had taken it upon themselves to desecrate the mousse and extinguish its power forever. Truly an act of selfish madness.

The victim ran screaming from the villa, out into the dark stormy night. His life would never again have meaning.

Mr G simply turned to Mr C and said.

"Stick the PlayStation on. I'll kick your arse at Pro-Evo".

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