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The Mystery of the Mousse - Chapter 2 - 'The Prize'

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CHAPTER 2 - 'The prize'

While the others retired to the games room to take their seats at the blackjack table, Mr G took a lantern and headed towards to villa's basement.

The weather had started to turn, and a distant rumble of thunder warned of an approaching storm. The wind in the courtyard was rattling against the villa's exterior gate and a few drops of rain had started to fall.

After a short walk across the courtyard and down a spiral flight of stone steps, Mr G came upon the cavernous room that was the Casa Del Pertone basement floor. The room smelled damp and the air was stale. Mr G glanced around at vast emptiness of the basement. The room had long since been cleared of all but it's most prized possession. And there it stood, at the far wall, a beacon of light an in a ocean of darkness - the fridge.

He had known that the fridge was in this room, but had not ventured in to see it for a while. However this time, he had a purpose. The time had arrived for him to lay his hands upon the most prized of all possessions.

Mr G approached the fridge reverently. His posture near a bow. The Fridge's power to corrupt was known to all who had layed eyes on it. The wonders that were kept inside have been plundered throughout history, but as always, when those wonders have been used and consumed, the thief is always driven to madness with the desire for more.

As he carefully opened the door, a ray of light fell upon him, blinding him momentarily. As his vision cleared, he saw the Dairy Milk chocolate mousse with his own eyes. A vision in purple plastic.

Slowly and carefully, he removed it from its chilled confines, defiantly slammed the fridge door shut and with purpose, he began to march back towards the staircase.

Meanwhile, in the games room, Mr C and 'the victim' had been relaxing in style. Like any good games room, the main lighting was dim, but the room was dotted with powerful lamps that illuminated key features in what was a hugely spacious area. The stuffed heads of deer and other game animals were mounted on every wall and a large, open stone fireplace provided the focal point of the entire room.

The bar in the corner was stocked with all manner of fine liquor, including a mysterious looking bottle of bright red liquid, known only as 'the aftershock'.

A full sized billiards table occupied the far wall and the card table, where the plot would unfold, was covered in the finest green felt and built of the sturdiest mahogany wood.

After much debate and discussion, Mr C was midway through a verbal demonstration of the correct use of the 'red-jack', when he was abruptly interrupted as the exterior games room door flung open.

The cold night air rushed in and a crack of lightning briefly illuminated the doorway to reveal Mr G, standing tall and holding aloft the Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse.

"I have it!" announced Mr G. "Let us battle for the right to own it!"

The mantlepiece above the great open fireplace of the games room seemed like an appropriate location to house the prize in waiting, so Mr G set it down.

The others, who had not uttered a word since Mr G's arrival, stared longingly at the mousse, but knew that they would have to steel their nerves and focus their minds in order to possess it.

To be continued.......

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