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The Mystery of the Mousse - Chapter 1 - 'A lighthearted gathering'

In every society on Earth, great conspiracy theories arise from time to time. In recent history, in the US, questions have been raised regarding the truth behind the Kennedy assassination, Elvis' death and 9/11. Here in the UK, much cynicism ensued from the untimely demise of the Princess of Wales and we have long wondered, "what really happened to Shergar?"

In my own social circles, there lies a conspiracy that is now ten years in the making. It is known only as 'the mystery of the mousse'.

It is a simple tale, with just three protagonists. For the protection of those involved, no names will be disclosed, but mark my words - they know who they are! The following is a 'loose' adaptation of the events that unfolded on one fateful night back in the year 2000. It is a dark tale, of deceit, greed and betrayal.

CHAPTER 1 - 'A lighthearted gathering'

It had been an evening like many other. The enigmatic Mr G was hosting one his famous soirées at Casa del Pertone; a beautiful villa high up in the foothills of West Wolverhampton.

The first of the Mr G's guests, Mr C, was a wily character. A tall, heavyset gentleman, he was a man known for his love of fine cuisine and expensive wine. He had tendency to over indulge in the finer things and always enjoyed a good debate.

The second guest, known as the Victim, was a shorter man, but was a confident sort. He enjoyed these gatherings as the conversation was always diverse and engaging. He would often become very passionate when the topic steered towards matters of business and politics.

Mr G himself had lived in the Casa Del Pertone for several years. The grand villa had all the trappings a man could want. A large pool, several grand balconies and a full staff of cooks and cleaners and other servants.

Mr G enjoyed the lifestyle at the villa and would often stay awake until the early hours of the morning, smoking on the balcony and reflecting about the goings-on of the world. He shared the villa with his brother Mr D.

Mr D, who was presently away on business, had made a fortune investing in Billiard Halls. Mr G was never entirely sure where his brother could be found, but knew that he was most probably in the far flung reaches of Riley's Coast in Southern Wolverhampton, where his business' headquarters were located.

The night had gone unhindered thus far. An easy atmosphere and the sound of raucous laughter filled the rooms of the house. But unforeseen by all present, the mood was set to change and vile treachery would ensue.

Mr G and his guests decided to remove themselves to the veranda, to smoke fine cigars and discuss economic and political affairs.

But the conversation grew tiresome after a while, for such topics did not seem fitting for surroundings as serene and tranquil as those at Casa del Pertone.

Being men though, the talk soon turned to sport and competition. Tales of sporting conquests and past victories were exchanged, as each one of the three friends sought to outdo the next with bolder and more impressive stories.

Reaching a stalemate in their verbal battle, 'the victim' decided to make a suggestion that the friends should indulge in a touch of sport on that very eve.

"But what should sport would suffice for sophisticated gentleman such as ourselves?" asked the always etiquette conscious Mr C.

"Wolverhampton Blackjack!" retorted Mr G - for he considered himself a dab-hand at this game.

"A fine and suitable choice" stated Mr C.

Then it's agreed" replied 'the victim'. "Blackjack** it is".

"But we can't have a proper sport without a worthy prize!" proclaimed Mr C, insistently.

The banter paused momentarily, as the group stopped to consider what could make a worthwhile trophy for this sporting event.

"I have it!" shouted the victim excitedly. "You have here the ultimate prize right here at the Casa, G!"

"What is it?" replied Mr G, forgetting momentarily of the grand wonder that he knew resided deep in the catacombs of his very dwelling.

"Think about it!" said 'the victim' mockingly. "You know what I speak of. It is that which transcends money and power. It is beyond glory itself."

Mr C suddenly cried out, "No! Surely not the......"

"Yes!!" declared 'the victim', sensing his friend had realised the truth.

"But that's madness!!" said Mr G, who by now had also been confronted by the truth of the matter.

"Gentleman", 'the victim' interjected. "Fate has already decided it".

Nervous glances were exchanged between the others.

"We shall play for the Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse!!!!"

To be continued....................

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